The Torture Never Stops

Oh hey look another Synclavier.


that’s-ah so intarasting ya fuckin ugly lizard

I’m so stupid when I’m tired.

Rock and roll pt. 2

Rock and roll pt. 1

Rock and roll pt. 1

I’m laughing so fucking hard about a selfie I haven’t even taken yet.

Born in this Corn is the best one it is decided.

New one: Born in this Corn

New one: I’m Only Alive When I’m a Loaf

I can’t pick a favorite band name from those. It’s really tough.

Misheard lyrics from this song we’re tracking as band names

Pants-On Man
Dusty Aggro Club
Seek a Lime
Toad at the Cone
Wyoming Feet is Getting Old

And now I hear a place in one of these songs where I fuck up royally.

Does anybody have a transcription of Mo ‘n Herb’s Vacation?


Charles Mingus - Original Faubus Fables

Two Four Six Eight They Brainwash and Teach You Hate!

Via Music is a Dirty Word

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