The Torture Never Stops


im ashamed of myself tbh


Good, uh… good luck with that, Captain.

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break the rules

no gods no kings no masters


My literature teacher is notorious for being difficult. That’s not particularly important in a vacuum but it sets up the story I’m gonna tell decently well. There were 4 of us sitting outside the classroom because another kid was testing in there. A girl in my class said to the rest of us, all men, that she was one of two girls left in the class. The tone of her voice suggested that she thought this notion would have been scary to us. I promptly told her that I went to an all-boys school for 9 years and wasn’t frightened by a classroom with no girls in it. She pointed to herself and jokingly said “What do you think of this?” to which I responded “Not much.” I realized quickly how horrible that sounded and added “Because I like to think of people as people.”

This is the new trailer that BFI released for 2001: A Space Odyssey, and I’ve got feelings about it. At first glance, I didn’t think the first 30 seconds captured the spirit of the film at all, but then I stepped back a little bit and pondered something else: can any trailer do this film any justice at all? I don’t think so.

aububuh replied to your post:I have to practice for a bass lesson, but the bass…

Seriously dude, I need to hear this album.

I’ll put it up when it’s out but I guarantee you’ll think less of me as a muzishnin when I put it up here.


please destroy the idea that making fanart takes less effort/creativity as making original art

I do think that making original art is more difficult, but only in that original art is made without an initial framework to draw upon. Fanart works within the confines of a universe that already exists, but beyond that it can be just as baseless as original art can be.


I have to practice for a bass lesson, but the bass that I use is currently being used for a lesson, so I’ll write for a while because I’m bored as shit. Yesterday I found out that the music I played on an album got played on the radio. That means that an aspect of myself exists as electromagnetic radiation that’s way out in space. That shit’s crazy. If I’d have known that I’d be out in space, I’d have recorded with a different singer, though. It’s kind of sad to think that another civilization could be exposed to human civilization via the tortured mating calls of a misogynist warthog.

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never in my life did I think that toilet doors would make me so angry

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